Sunday, August 28, 2011

School, Monkey, and

School- School has started!  I'm officially teaching first grade (for now.)  It's subject to change at any moment depending on enrollment.  They are such cute little things who bounce all day long.  I wish they had an off switch sometimes, but I love listening to their stories.  We are beginning our reading series tomorrow - oh the fun!  Hopefully, they won't forget where the classroom is over the weekend!

Monkey - he's getting sooo big!  He's mastered walking around the furniture and between the furniture now.  After a week of rash, snotty nose, and pink eye - both of us (that's right - I caught it too!) are feeling much better.  There's nothing better than spending your first week of work and daycare rubbing your goopy eyes!  Mine is pretty much completely cleared, but he's having a hard time fighting off this virus.  On day 8, his eyes are still goopy.  Hope next week is less chaotic!!  Another issue is daycare napping.  Friday's paper included NO nap!  An eight month old needs at least two hours while he is there...sigh.  I hope he adjusts and sleeps on Monday.  Be saying a prayer for his sleeping issues!  He's currently napping at home and is taking his usual two hour nap!  Mama is having a guilty day wishing she was home with him all the time. :(

Food -   I'm hungry.  All.the.time.  Weight watchers is great for losing weight, but not so great for eating whatever you want.  I want cake and cookies and great big glasses of milk and slices of pizza!  I gave up and ate a Braum's buger and fries for dinner last night!  I wish I liked vegetables!  What's your favorite healthy recipe?  I need ideas!

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