Monday, September 9, 2013

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hey look!  A fun contest!  Look at the awesome stuff you could win!  For more information, go to my favorite blog, Wait in the Van! and enter.  But really, don't, because you know I want to win! :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Monkey's Quiet Book

I've been working off and on for the past four months on a quiet book for Monkey.  I'm so excited to share!  I finally *almost* finished all the pages.  The next step is to bind them into a book.  Here are the pages in no particular order -

A Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom style palm tree with his name-

 A dinosaur play mat with plastic dinosaurs - the back of the previous page will have a pocket to keep the dinos in -
 A spell your name page with velcro letters -
 A hidden objects lady bug page -

 Left and Right hands - you can slide your hands into the "gloves"

 A camera that the flap lifts up and a picture can go into the pocket under it.  Need to find a picture to put in it.

 A tent that the window flaps lift up and the tent flap lifts up to reveal a bear inside!

 A car playmat page.  The house has a "garage" where the car is stored.

 A match the colors page that the flowers button onto the buttons.  I still need to make button holes and obtain a purple button. :)

For some reason, these will only load sideways.  I've tried four times now and I give up! :)  This is an alphabet page made with beads that slide on a string.

 A mailbox that the letters slide into and the flap shuts.

A fish bowl that the fish snap off and on.
 An alligator whose mouth zips and unzips.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Falling Behind!

Well, I'm falling behind on posting! 

Updates all around -

Birthday was a success!  Monkey loved cake and I loved decorating!  All his friends and family came and we enjoyed each other's company.  Monkey got a ton of new toys!  My favorite was the Potsy toy - a talking pot that comes with vegetables!  It sings out such tunes as, "I'm stirring, I'm stirring, I'm stirring in my pot." and "I like it healthy, like it green, I'm a broccoli machine!"  LOL - awesome doesn't begin to describe it!

Monkey is on the sixth ear infection/sixth antibiotic in 7 months.  Boo.  We officially have an ENT appointment for consideration for tubes.  I hope they decide to do them and that they will help!  My poor baby just doesn't feel well at all!

He's now RUNNING everywhere!  It seems strange that just a few months ago he couldn't even crawl and now he's running!  I have a toddler!  He throws fits when he doesn't get his way and climbs on everything!  He's babbling non-stop but doesn't have many actual words.  The only ones I can say for sure are Mommy, Daddy, and doggy.  Everything else is just jargon.  He's such a sweet and calm baby - I'm so lucky to be his mommy!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

I take that back!

Well, seems as if today was the day for walking!  He's been everywhere today.  I took a video!

Monkey Walks

Birthday Madness

Monkey has started walking here and there.  He takes a few steps, waits a week, then repeats!  I think it will be some time before he actually takes off and keeps it up. 

It's feeling December-y today!  I went to Walmart to do some much needed grocery shopping.  When I left it was nice out, way too nice for December.  I had on a Tshirt and a light sweater.  Of course, when I come out it is freezing cold and pouring rain.  My sweater went on the baby's head and I got a shower!  Sooo cold.  Soooo wet.  Note to self: watch weather report before leaving house next time.

In six days it will be Monkey's 1st birthday!!!!  I'm way too excited for a child's birthday party!  We are having a Winter One-derland theme!  I have tons of snowflakes to hang and balloons and fake snow.  I put all his month photos on sparkling snowflakes to hang on a tiny Christmas tree we have.  Today I bought cake mix and frosting for his birthday cake!  I'm going to make a penguin cake!  We have hot chocolate and blue koolaid and marshmallows and candy canes and cookies, oh my!  And as a party favor, I got all the kids mittens, which I'm also using as a decoration.  I even got snowflake wrapping paper for his gift so it would match!  I'm such a dork!  I'm even taking off work Friday so I can decorate the entire living room area with winter galore!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall Fun

I'm looking forward to Halloween because a) I LOVE Autumn and all its holidays  b) We get to carve pumpkins (even though I have a severe pumpkin allergy and past mishaps with knives and carving that involve visits to the E.R., it's still my favorite thing to do this time of year!) c) It's Monkey's first Halloween and I'm dressing him up.  I bought a Tiger costume, but Husband is less than thrilled about it, so we might be doing something else.  Maybe wrapping him in gauze and going as a mummy?  d) Maybe it will finally be jacket weather by then

Here are last year's fun pumpkins!  It's time to start thinking about what we will carve this year!