Monkey News

In Monkey news,

(June 26)  Today he learned how to pull himself to a sitting position from his belly/crawling position! Ack!  What a big boy!  I wrote it in the baby book; I am so proud!

(June 29)  Houston, we have a tooth!  Monkey woke up today and upon my sticking my finger in his mouth, I noticed a real honest to goodness tooth has poked through.  That sucker is sharp too.

(July 1)  Today Monkey made it from the fireplace to the kitchen in his inchworm version of crawling!  He's getting quick too.  He also managed to wriggle a book from our shelf of books.  He was quite proud of himself for that.  When he grabbed a giant handful of my hair today I forcefully said, "No!" and was responded to with LAUGHING.  Yep, I yelled at my kid and he laughed.  I hope this isn't a sign of things to come!

(July 14)  Monkey has been crawling since last week and he's getting really good at it!  He's into everything and we have had to begin the babyproofing full force.  He tries to crawl too quickly and falls face first into the carpet, which he thinks is hysterical.  So, he's crawling, face planting, and then dying laughing.  Rinse, repeat.  He's such a cutie; I just want to hold and snuggle him all day, but he's not okay with that anymore! :)

(Oct 8)  Monkey will be 10 months old tomorrow! *sniff*  He's great at throwing temper tantrums now - the whole deal- throws himself on the floor, flails, screams, etc.  It's sad, annoying, and amusing at the same time and it is occurs anytime we tell him no or take something away.  He's the cutest thing lately.  He talks to everything and even has some real words.  The other day Daddy stayed home with him and told him say bye-bye to Mommy, and he actually waved and said bye-bye!  I think he learned this trick from some friends at daycare. He hasn't done it since though. :)