Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall Fun

I'm looking forward to Halloween because a) I LOVE Autumn and all its holidays  b) We get to carve pumpkins (even though I have a severe pumpkin allergy and past mishaps with knives and carving that involve visits to the E.R., it's still my favorite thing to do this time of year!) c) It's Monkey's first Halloween and I'm dressing him up.  I bought a Tiger costume, but Husband is less than thrilled about it, so we might be doing something else.  Maybe wrapping him in gauze and going as a mummy?  d) Maybe it will finally be jacket weather by then

Here are last year's fun pumpkins!  It's time to start thinking about what we will carve this year!

I knew I wouldn't keep up!

I knew it would be hard to keep up a blog!  It's been months since I last posted something.  So, for your viewing pleasure, my little Monkey asleep in his exersaucer this morning!  I even managed to move him to his crib without waking him up - a real feat!