Sunday, June 3, 2012

Monkey's Quiet Book

I've been working off and on for the past four months on a quiet book for Monkey.  I'm so excited to share!  I finally *almost* finished all the pages.  The next step is to bind them into a book.  Here are the pages in no particular order -

A Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom style palm tree with his name-

 A dinosaur play mat with plastic dinosaurs - the back of the previous page will have a pocket to keep the dinos in -
 A spell your name page with velcro letters -
 A hidden objects lady bug page -

 Left and Right hands - you can slide your hands into the "gloves"

 A camera that the flap lifts up and a picture can go into the pocket under it.  Need to find a picture to put in it.

 A tent that the window flaps lift up and the tent flap lifts up to reveal a bear inside!

 A car playmat page.  The house has a "garage" where the car is stored.

 A match the colors page that the flowers button onto the buttons.  I still need to make button holes and obtain a purple button. :)

For some reason, these will only load sideways.  I've tried four times now and I give up! :)  This is an alphabet page made with beads that slide on a string.

 A mailbox that the letters slide into and the flap shuts.

A fish bowl that the fish snap off and on.
 An alligator whose mouth zips and unzips.