Saturday, December 3, 2011

I take that back!

Well, seems as if today was the day for walking!  He's been everywhere today.  I took a video!

Monkey Walks

Birthday Madness

Monkey has started walking here and there.  He takes a few steps, waits a week, then repeats!  I think it will be some time before he actually takes off and keeps it up. 

It's feeling December-y today!  I went to Walmart to do some much needed grocery shopping.  When I left it was nice out, way too nice for December.  I had on a Tshirt and a light sweater.  Of course, when I come out it is freezing cold and pouring rain.  My sweater went on the baby's head and I got a shower!  Sooo cold.  Soooo wet.  Note to self: watch weather report before leaving house next time.

In six days it will be Monkey's 1st birthday!!!!  I'm way too excited for a child's birthday party!  We are having a Winter One-derland theme!  I have tons of snowflakes to hang and balloons and fake snow.  I put all his month photos on sparkling snowflakes to hang on a tiny Christmas tree we have.  Today I bought cake mix and frosting for his birthday cake!  I'm going to make a penguin cake!  We have hot chocolate and blue koolaid and marshmallows and candy canes and cookies, oh my!  And as a party favor, I got all the kids mittens, which I'm also using as a decoration.  I even got snowflake wrapping paper for his gift so it would match!  I'm such a dork!  I'm even taking off work Friday so I can decorate the entire living room area with winter galore!