Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sleep, sleep, sleep already!

After a week of Monkey fighting sleep, he was down today at 8:20 (exactly 8:20.)  This miracle did not come without a fight.  I physically had to hold him down on my lap and rock him until he gave up, but he is asleep!  Thank the good Lord for this!  I feel so bad for him because I can tell he is exhausted, but he just thinks he'll miss something I guess.  There were tears and there was wailing, but eventually, he curled up in my arms, smiled at me, and zonked out.  Now, if only this would repeat every night for the next 18 years (minus the tears!)  We had a good streak, almost 6 months without sleep issues.  Then he learned to move, almost crawl, and started teething and I.Am.So.Tired!  If he wakes up, I'll cry.

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